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Hoteliers and the business sector applaud actions to restore peace and tranquility in the Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya, Mexico (September, 2021) The Riviera Maya Hotel Association learned that yesterday, Sunday, September 12, the Coordination Table for Peace in Quintana Roo, made up of SEDENA, the National Intelligence Center , National Guard, Navy, Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo and Quintana Roo Police carried out a mega operation on the 5th. Avenue, beach area and surrounding areas, against drug dealing and extortion (floor charges), which led to 26 arrests of alleged criminals, which have deteriorated the tranquility of this beautiful municipality.

In the AHRM we recognize these actions that will surely be the beginning of the recovery of peace and we invite citizens to participate actively by denouncing any of the 26 alleged criminals to strengthen the accusations against them, in this way we will act jointly. to prevent them from going free and returning to continue threatening the peace of our municipality.

It is also important to mention that during the operation there was no participation of the municipal police, and therefore we invite them to join in the coordination actions with the state and the federal government. We hope that there is no doubt that they are a fundamental piece in the reconstruction of prevention and order as is their obligation, from this action the citizens will be monitoring that this happens.

We know that the Coordination Table for Peace in Quintana Roo has a great challenge and that is why the AHRM, together with the other private and business organizations of the Riviera Maya, endorse all our unconditional support so that its objectives are achieved.

Confidence of travelers in the Riviera Maya allows tourist rebound in last summer season

* The Riviera Maya Hotel Association (AHRM) ensures that last July occupancy reached 66.6 percent, the highest in the last 17 months in the destination

* The vaccination campaign among tourist personnel, the opening of more flights and the participation in promotional activities augur good prospects for the remainder of 2021

Riviera Maya, Mexico (September, 2021) As a result of the growing confidence of US tourism to travel to the Mexican Caribbean, the Riviera Maya Hotel Association (AHRM) ensures that the destination is making steady progress towards its tourism recovery by registering in last summer vacation season, which covered the months of July and August, an average occupancy of 54 percent.

With more than 40 thousand rooms in operation, the tourist agency highlighted that last July the organized hotel industry reached 66.6 percent occupancy, the highest registered in the destination in the past 17 months since February 2020, before the start of the pandemic, there was 83.4 percent.

"At AHRM we are optimistic seeing the gradual growth in the influx of visitors, both from the domestic and international markets, especially from the United States, and we are confident that with the reopening of flights from Canada, the influx of tourists will continue to increase in the coming months. ”, Commented the leader of the hoteliers, Toni Chaves in a press conference and add that Air Canada announced that it has 195 thousand seats sold to travel to the Mexican Caribbean in the remainder of the year.

According to the statistics of the group, the Riviera Maya registered a hotel occupancy of 43.8 percent from January to last August, a percentage much higher than the 32 percent registered in the same period last year.

The resumption and increase of national and international flights has allowed the tourist recovery of the destination, as is the case of the contribution of airlines such as Volaris that maintains 14 daily frequencies between Mexico City and Cancun, and the opening of its new routes to Colombia and The Savior. In this sense, the Cancun International Airport recorded more than 14,789 operations last July, the highest number of flights this year, of which 3,013 were domestic arrivals and 4,430 international arrivals.

The business leader acknowledged that the progress of vaccination campaigns among tourist personnel in the Riviera Maya has contributed to raising confidence among wholesalers and operators who see the Mexican Caribbean as a safe destination for their travelers and even more so because it is one of the first in the continent to receive the Safe Travels Seal and by the more than 9 thousand companies that have applied to obtain the Certification in Protection and Sanitary Prevention in Tourist Facilities (CPPSIT) in Quintana Roo.

The AHRM announced that they are participating in promotional activities to increase the influx of national tourism such as the Mexican Caribbean National Caravan, held at the end of August with the assistance of 27 hotels and tourism companies, in which they visited four cities such as León, Guadalajara , Monterrey and Mexico City, where they met with more than 400 travel agents.

Finally, they trusted that the Mexican Caribbean Lo Mejor de Dos Mundos campaign, created by the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council, will awaken interest among operators and final consumers to increase the influx of visitors in the remainder of this year.

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