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D'Casa Gastronomy - Celebrate the festive season in Ardea Steakhouse

The most recent addition of Nobu Hotel Los Cabos

A contemporary touch on fire, is how the gastronomic experience of the Rédea Steakhouse restaurant can be described in Nobu Hotel Los Cabos; The ideal scenario to "light" any special celebration through its exclusive menu and novel Mixology.

Mexico City, November 11, 2021.- The end of the year festivities have been inaugurated and with them, a wide variety of options have emerged to captivate the protagonists of the best celebrations of the season. Taking this into consideration, Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, - an exceptional hospitality concept included in the select list of Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. and created by the famous Japanese Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and actor Robert de Niro - presents the most recent Addition to your gastronomic portfolio: Ardea Steakhouse, the perfect place to celebrate any special occasion in the middle of a contemporary atmosphere with original inspixtures and whose offer is distinguished by its exceptional menu, taste attention, a highly personalized service and innovative author.

As a gastronomic reference, not only in Baja California but at the national and international level, Nobu Hotel Los Cabos merges its incomparable hospitality experience with attention to detail to result in unparalleled culinary concepts such as Ardea Steakhouse, which is considered a destination by itself Same for the Epicureans looking for an original and novel mixology cuisine, becoming the headquarters of the most important celebrations, during the festive season and always.

With badge dishes or custom menus for each occasion, Ardea Steakhouse provides a wide variety of meats in the middle of a contemporary atmosphere in which its impressive kitchen is exposed through large windows; In addition to offering a selection of cheeses, charcuterie, handmade pasta and pizza cooked in a traditional mud oven.

Inspired by the roots of his executive chef, Paolo della Corte and in the local ingredients, the exclusive menu of this innovative restaurant, is combined with a program of award-winning wines and craft-made cocktails that have as a sophisticated backdrop teams for the maturation of The meat, so celebrations in this place are perceived as an authentic showcase in which the most coveted pieces are in view of the public for their delight.

As a perfect complement to its originality when creating dishes and drinks, Ardea Steakhouse has a sports bar, located right at the entrance, where guests can enjoy craft beer, author cocktails and a snack menu inspired by the same concept .

Without a more outstanding element for the success of a celebration that represents a culinary experience capable of awakening the senses of all its protagonists, Ardea Steakhouseen Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, is the key ingredient during this festive season.

For more information about Nobu Hotel Los Cabos or to know its full gastronomic offer, please visit

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