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D'Casa congratulates Sunreef Yacht for obtaining THE INTERNATIONAL YACHT & AVIATION AWARD

The Sunreef 70 was voted the best Sailing Yacht at The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

Thanks to its fine design and the work done in its control center, the Yacht & Aviation Awards recognizes and rewards the best creations and the most innovative concepts in the aircraft and yacht industry.

The Eleventh Edition of this event took place on August 20 with an official ceremony held at the Belmond Hotel Cipriani in Venice. The Sunreef 70 was recognized for its innovative and transcendent design.

At D'Casa we have worked hand in hand with Sunreef Yacht and we know the quality of all the work they do and the innovation they always seek to provide the best quality Yachts on the market and this award only reaffirms what we know about Sunreef Yacht . We are proud to work with companies that always seek to be the best at what they do.


Read the Sunreef Yacht magazine issue at:

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