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D'Casa Gastronomy - UNICO 20 ° 87 ° Hotel Riviera Maya welcomes Lula Martín Del Campo

The first chef in their residency program

Beginning September 29 and for the next two years, the also author of outstanding cookbooks will be the next resident chef at Cueva Siete restaurant and the first female guest on the property's itinerant culinary program.

Mexico City, September 29, 2021.- UNICO 20 ° 87 ° Hotel Riviera Maya —all-inclusive hotel, recipient of the 5-diamond distinction by AAA— is pleased to announce the arrival of the award-winning author of cookbooks and world-renowned, Lula Martín Del Campo - better known as Chef Lula - as the next chef to lead the Cueva Siete restaurant, as part of the property's resident chefs itinerant program. Starting on September 29 and for the next two years, celebrity chef Lula will oversee all culinary operations and will integrate a menu of her authorship that will connect guests with the unique flavors of Mexican cuisine.

"I am honored to begin this journey with the UNICO 20 ° 87 ° team and I am very excited to have the opportunity to share my passion while incorporating my culinary techniques at Cueva Siete," said chef Lula Martín Del Campo. "My most important ingredient is to respect everything that surrounds us and thereby maintain the‘ Gastronomic Heritage of Mexico ’".

Lula is originally from Mexico City, where she developed her passion for gastronomy through professional and family experiences; her vision behind her dishes comes from her culinary experience and her goal of promoting the country's culture through what she calls "Mexico's Culinary Heritage." Widely recognized for her influential cookbooks and the openings of her most recent restaurants, Cascabel and Marea, Lula highlights her love for creating menus that represent people's identity through her famous motto “In life and in the kitchen. .. less is more ”, and the“ not only sell food, but sell experiences ”.

The concept that governs its menus focuses on preventing the extinction of key and authentic Mexican ingredients, such as beans, corn and endemic grains. Adopting local art and culture, Chef Lula aims to capture the authenticity of the region in her dishes, implementing her own version of the different textures and flavors that are part of our colorful Mexican cuisine.

Cueva Siete, for its part, represents an experience beyond the traditional, since it is designed as a multisensory adventure that constantly changes in its textures, flavors and sensations. With cuisine that ranges from simple and healthy to extraordinarily indulgent, this restaurant offers a wealth of carefully executed options while incorporating an exciting traveling chef concept.

Inspired by Yucatán, Cueva Siete focuses its concept on the mysticism and reverence of the Mayan culture, highlighting the culinary diversity of the country. Thus, during the participation of each guest chef, ingredients of local origin are integrated to design a unique menu that incorporates the flavors that Mexico offers to the world.

Some of the star dishes that chef Lula will include in Cueva Siete's menu are: hearts of palm hearts with red onion, tomato, green chili and house clamato; a traditional Mexican stew with shredded chicken, red rice and endemic beans from the pot; conchita tacos with Creole corn tortillas and the traditional pork al pib.

UNICO 20 ° 87 ° Hotel Riviera Maya is pleased to welcome chef Lula to Cueva Siete's kitchen and reaffirms her commitment to providing an unparalleled cultural experience through her exclusive gastronomic proposals.

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