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D'Casa Events - Areas continue to sell out for Andrea Bocelli's show at Playa Maroma Beach Club

In this way we are pleased to announce that areas continue to sell out for Andrea Bocelli's show next Saturday, February 26, 2022 at Playa Maroma Beach Club, in the Riviera Maya, as part of his acclaimed "Believe World Tour". To meet the goal, the Government of Quintana Roo has joined and has obtained discounts ranging from 25% to 10% for Quintana Roo residents.

In addition, the incorporation of Mateo Bocelli as a guest artist to this show has been announced.

In addition to this news, the Governments of Quintana Roo and the Municipality of Solidaridad have managed a very special discount for all the public that resides and resides in the state, inviting them to attend, with ticket sales free of charge plus an additional 10% discount. , in total more than 20% discount, if they are purchased at the physical points of sale: Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall, located at kilometer 13.5 of the hotel zone, Marina Business located in front of the Hiromi restaurant in Puerto Cancún, or at the Palacio Municipal de Solidaridad, located on Av. 20, between Calle 8 and 10. Quintana Roo residents will also be able to save a 10% discount if the purchase is made through the Funticket customer service lines +52 55 6350 5545 or + 52 55 4416 2867 mentioning the promotion code ABQROO or entering the same promotional code on the page.

This concert will take place completely outdoors, on the sand of this paradisiacal beach, delighting the most demanding vacationers from all over the world and inhabitants of Quintana Roo, it will surprise them with the magical contrast of the landscape, which will be a unique experience, an incomparable romantic getaway with your partner, family or friends.

All the sanitization of the event will be in charge of Key, a leading company worldwide, which will implement all the highest level security protocols for the prevention of COVID contagion. The sanitization and health measures begin from the assembly, with the shuttle service vans that will transport the attendees from the parking lot to the outdoor venue where the concert will take place, as well as all the staff members, including waiters. , gel and temperature filters, such as sanitizing mats and sanitizing surfaces in general throughout the venue: food and beverage areas, seats using micro fibers, among other resources that will shield the concert.

The promoters of this great show are Music Vibe and Global Pear, companies that are in constant communication with the local and federal authorities in charge of safeguarding the health of the attendees, as well as the staff that will work at the event. The concert is 100% confirmed with the protocols planned to meet and exceed the requirements of the Quintana Roo authorities and the expectations of our attendees. The safety of the attendees is the priority for this concert that will take place 100% outdoors, within a venue that has a capacity for more than 26,000 people, for which reason having more than 5,900 attendees in its, it will be operating under 30% of its total capacity capacity.

Andrea Bocelli will start singing at 8:30 p.m., with a show lasting close to 3 hours, which will be divided into 2 segments, a first in which we will see the show full of his greatest classic hits, and a second more dynamic, in which we can enjoy a duet with his son Matteo Bocelli. Both segments of the show will feature an unparalleled setting of more than 80 musicians from the Yucatan Philharmonic Orchestra on stage accompanying Maestro Bocelli.

Prior to the show, from 4pm, attendees will enjoy various activities, including a tasting and pairing experience of the unique and renowned wines, Bocelli Family Wines, brought directly from the Bocelli family's Tuscan winery, stages with music, rest areas, refreshment, food and beverage consumption centers, so it is suggested to arrive early. At the end of the show of the most beloved tenor in the world, you can continue enjoying this evening in the marked sections until 1 in the morning.

This great concert of the Most Beloved Tenor in the World is scheduled for next Saturday, February 26 at Playa Maroma Beach Club, it is considered the concert of the century, with the presence of guest artists such as Mateo Bocelli, and more surprises to be announced.

Tickets are sold out, secure your place and take advantage of the discount that the government of Quintana Roo and Solidaridad offer to Quintana Roo, buying at physical points of sale with more than 20% discount, or a 10% discount buying directly online at with the code ABQROO or at the service phones +52 55 4416 2867 and +52 55 6350 5545

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