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The manufacturer reaffirms its link with Mexico with the announcement

from the opening of its first boutique in Cancun, which will be the venue for the Classic Fusion Maya presentation.

Mexico City, as well as the entire country as a whole, has long been one of the most dynamic agents in the Hublot galaxy, with a bond and enthusiasm that have not diminished during the more than forty years of the existence of the Hublot. Mark.

To celebrate this sacred union, Hublot has decided to dedicate two simultaneous initiatives to Mexico. The first highlights the alliance between both parties in more depth: the brand announces the opening of its first official boutique in Cancun, which, with its appearance in this truly emblematic point located at the eastern end of Mexico, completes an already consolidated network of three boutiques. It is a paradisiacal, cosmopolitan city, open to the world, located a few nautical miles from Havana, Miami, the Cayman Islands, at the crossroads of the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

To celebrate this union, Hublot will present in this new opening an unpublished creation that testifies to this very special relationship that unites the brand with Mexico: a Hublot Classic Fusion Maya watch in an exclusive and numbered edition, specially designed for occasion and limited to only 25 pieces. .

This piece, which pays a vibrant tribute to the Mayan culture, shows in its central section a representation of the cycles of the traditional calendar of this culture. Extremely sophisticated, this calendar shows the progress of a civilization whose roots go back to prehistory and which has brought remarkable advances to humanity in the fields of writing, art, architecture, agriculture, mathematics and astronomy. .

An example of this is the Haab solar calendar, which divided the year into cycles in a way that confirms the development of mathematics and astronomy. In the center of the sphere, the circle of glyphs makes up the 19 "months" of the Haab. The first 18 months consist of 20 days, with a short final period of only 5 days; in total, 365 days.

In the center, the cargo transported represents one of those 20 days: the last, called ajaw, which means "lord" or "ruler," and is one of the main glyphs of classical Mayan art. In this context, the transported "day" implies the beginning of the entire calendar year, so the carrier of the load is also the "carrier of the year".

The piece takes shape in the 45 mm ceramic case typical of Classic Fusion, a flagship model in the Mexican market. Fully satin-finished and adorned with red gold screws, the case houses the MHUB1112 automatic movement, which offers a 42-hour power reserve. Its dial features the Haab calendar motifs in 5N gold on a matte black satin background. The Classic Fusion Maya watch is featured on an alcantara, black rubber strap and folding clasp.

Last minute: Hublot sponsors the Akumal Festival!

Hublot will sponsor the Akumal Arts Festival for the first time, in the homonymous town south of Cancun. An authentic artistic manifesto unique in the world, architect of the conservation of the planet thanks to artists who come from all over the world, the Akumal Arts Festival will also become the forum for the expression of graphic artist Frank Banda. The famous muralist will participate in the festival with a reinterpretation of the Classic Fusion Maya sphere. In addition, Frank Banda will be Hublot's guest of honor at the Cancun boutique opening, where he will offer an exclusive live performance.

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