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D'Casa Destinations - UNICO 20º87º Hotel Riviera Maya:

The sustainability experience in the best all-inclusive

  • Thanks to various solid programs and projects in terms of sustainability, the hotels that are part of the RCD Hotels®️ group -such as UNICO 20º87º Hotel Riviera Maya- offer responsible luxury experiences that promote care for the surroundings, communities and the environment in general.

Mexico City, February 21, 2022.— The word 'sustainability' can be defined as the balance between the social, economic and environmental axes that generates a true symbiosis and traces a path towards a better future for all and ONLY 20º87º Hotel Riviera Maya —an all-inclusive hotel, recipient of the AAA 5-diamond distinction, which offers luxury gastronomic experiences for adults only— assumes a strong commitment to this meaning through policies and protocols that allow it to stand out for its exceptional offer of hospitality that promotes the preservation, protection and conservation of current and future resources.

As part of the select group of The Leading Hotels of the World, UNICO 20º87º has achieved great prestige worldwide for its extraordinary gastronomic and cultural offerings, which are perfectly complemented by a series of sustainable practices that are an essential part of this entire hotel. included. These practices or actions focus on three fundamental pillars to achieve true sustainability: economic, social and environmental, and involve all the people who are part of their environment, from their employees to their guests.

In economic terms, UNICO 20º87º is committed to governance within its administration, fulfilling various objectives based on well-defined standards and protocols, as well as the development of projects aimed at supporting local and national communities such as 'Weavers of Sueños', a sewing workshop based on a circular economy model, created to take advantage of textiles from this property and others in the company's area—such as uniforms or table linens that were destined for landfill—to turn them into beautiful dolls inspired by the Ma'ax (spider monkey in the Mayan language), one of the endemic species of southern Mexico and that can be purchased by guests.

Regarding the social issue, among many other things, at UNICO 20º87º there is a code of ethics and procedures that pay special attention to diversity, equality, inclusion and non-discrimination. Work practices have been implemented that seek to create a friendly work environment for everyone, such as constant monitoring of the dining room, transportation and changing rooms to ensure that they have everything necessary and are in the best conditions for the comfort and satisfaction of employees.

In addition, the hotel participates in various national and international programs for the care of society, such as the international protection network for children and adolescents in travel and tourism (ESCNNA-VT), making alliances with The Code/ ECPAT, initiatives that focus their efforts on addressing this important issue that concerns all industry players.

And, last but not least, there is the environmental factor, in which the most essential visitors are found or, rather, those pieces that make possible the beauty and experiences offered at UNICO 20º87º: the fauna and flora. For the care of the plants and animals that are part of the ecosystem to which it belongs, a specific waste management is carried out, in which actions such as the creation of compost, the use of biodegradable chemical products and even the design and coordination of activities stand out. in which they create crafts with the recycled materials generated by the hotel.

On the other hand, the reproduction of flora in greenhouses and nurseries is committed, in addition to caring for animals respecting closed periods and caring for wildlife based on advice from experts, carrying out, for example, a program protection for sea turtles. Guests, visitors and collaborators are also made aware of respecting the paths and paths that the species travel naturally and working together with local authorities to point out and report any illegal activity - capture, damage, removal, hunting or fishing- related to this topic.

In this way, UNICO 20º87º Hotel Riviera Maya focuses its efforts on offering incredible experiences for its guests, and, at the same time, consciously and constantly caring for the environment in which it operates.

To learn more about the extraordinary offer of UNICO 20º87º Hotel Riviera Maya and its sustainable programs or to book a stay, please visit

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