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Etéreo, the newest Auberge Resorts complex on the Riviera Maya promises to be the perfect escape to connect with nature.

Ethereal means something spiritual and heavenly that invites you to visit and explore the renewal cycle of that which enriches life: relationships, inspiration, connection with nature, senses, rhythm and appreciation. That is why it is the name of this, the most recent Auberge Resorts complex in Mexico that frees you from modern life to offer a heavenly experience derived from Mayan philosophies and marked by three pillars: extraordinary cuisine, impressive encounters with nature and the beaches, and a spa that facilitates rejuvenation in every sense of the word.

Etéreo, the newest from Auberge Resorts in Mexico

Located in the new development of Kanai, in the Riviera Maya, Etéreo, Auberge Resorts Collection provides all travelers and locals with a space that embodies the ancient Mayan philosophy with a contemporary approach to achieve a total personal reconnection.

With a design that blends with the nature of the mangroves, the white sand and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, this luxurious property has 75 rooms, each of which has a private terrace and expansive ocean views.

The boutique atmosphere instills a sense of community, imploring guests to dig deep to find common humanity, both past and present.

The detailed custom furniture, designed by a host of contemporary Mexican artists, enhances the cultural connection by being inspired by sacred elements of Mayan culture - such as celestial exploration and cyclical calendars - achieving a design sensibility that is thoughtful and beautiful.

This wonderful hotel, in addition to offering a luxurious stay in a natural environment, invites you to enjoy a culinary experience that blends traditional Mayan cuisine with modern Mexican cuisine, inspired by local ingredients, to create coveted menus.

Being an Auberge Resort property, unique experiences and physical and spiritual renewal could not be missing. From exploring the many natural wonders of the Yucatan, to dining on the beach under the stars, to enjoying the spaces for fitness and yoga or healing rituals inspired by ancient Mayan practices within the Auberge Spa, all of them inspire connection. , both intimate and epic.

From now on you can make your reservations on the Auberge Resorts website and enjoy a few days of renewal and rest in Etéreo so that you can receive 2021 with the best energy.

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